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About department

Worldwide research is drastic in the field of Biotechnology and Bioengineering. To cater to the global requirement of trained manpower, university has introduced Biotechnology course in Engineering with a view to blend the Biosciences and technology for better results.

Keeping this vision, the management has introduced this course during the academic year 2002-03. The Department is emphasizing on imparting the knowledge in the broad areas like Chemical engineering, Molecular Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Food and Fermentation technology, Environmental and Plant Biotechnology etc.

Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members are being involved in teaching the students with in depth technical knowledge. Well-equipped and sophisticated laboratories are the center of attraction. The laboratories provide the basic foundation for the various research projects. Another major strength of the department is its extensive collection of Technical Books, Periodicals and Journals that helps the staff and students to acquire their knowledge with latest trends in technology developments. Eminent scientists and experts are invited from various industries to interact with our students, contributing an insight into practical application areas.

Department is recognized as research center by VTU from 2008. Three students have obtained M.Sc Engineering by Research degree from our research center.

The post graduate program M. Tech (Bioinformatics) has been introduced during the academic year 2011-12. Three of our students have secured first rank with gold medal and second Rank respectively in the year 2014 and secured third Rank in 2015.

GENELIX, the forum of Biotechnology department is actively involved in organizing technical seminars by eminent scientists and researchers. Furthermore, the department will organizes various technical quiz, debates, model exhibitions, poster presentation, seminars, group discussions etc, which help the students in developing their personality and perform well in campus interviews and getting the lucarative placements.


To be a Centre of Excellence with a blend of life science and technology to create professionally competent and Socially responsible Biotechnology Engineers.


1. To provide quality education by creating appropriate teaching learning ambience.
2. To train and develop graduates in the field of Biotechnology through research to meet the societal proliferating demands.
3. Inculcate professional skills and ethics to produce responsible Biotechnology graduates.

Programme Educational Objectives(PEOs)

To make students
1. Graduates will possess necessary knowledge in the emerging areas of Biotechnology 2. Graduates are capable of working in the field of Health, Agriculture and Environment, considering the social implications 3. Graduates having adequate skills to pursue higher education and research in relevant areas with professionalism

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

1. Graduates will be capable of applying fundamental principles of Biotechnology to maintain the sustainability in the environments 2. Learn the applicability of Biological Engineering techniques to enhance employability and entrepreneurship to meet global competitiveness 3. Demonstrate the research activities to solve a wide array of societal problems

Departmental Activities

Several activities are conducted under the banner of Genelix Click here to view

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Dr. Gurumurthy H
Professor & Head
Department of Biotechnology,
GM Institute of Technology,
PB Road, Davangere
Ph.No.08192233345,233377,252777 Ext 110